Data Science: Graphical Analysis of data using Neo4j and Gephi Tool

What is Neo4j?

Difference between Graph and Relational Database

  1. Show movies that are released after the year 2006.
MATCH (m:Movie) where m.released > 2006 RETURN m
MATCH (m:Movie) where m.released > 2002 RETURN m limit 1
MATCH (p:Person)-[d:DIRECTED]-(m:Movie) where m.released > 2007 RETURN p,d,m limit 5
MATCH (p:Person) RETURN p limit 10
MATCH (m:Movie {title: 'A Few Good Men'}) RETURN m
  1. First, open the gephi tool and click on the new project. After that choose File->Open and load the dataset of your choice as shown below. And Load the dataset.



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